Due to the COVID-19 sum changes will have to take place at the fall ride!! 


1. All food Friday night, Saturday Morning Breakfast and Saturday evening will be served as TO GO ONLY. When coming for the to go meals please follow all entrance and exit signs that will be posted.


2. Lunch will still be served on the trails to go as well.


3. We will have to practice social distanancing so we will not be able to provide the music at the blue building.


4. The winery will not be able to do outside wine tasting due to only being able to have 50% of there seating available. You can go in the winery if seating is available and wine taste. You can still place orders for wine to be delivered to the shop. The winery does have a wedding that evening and will be closing early and the wedding is on the outside grounds, so all horses will have to be off the winery grounds by 5 pm. If you are after 5 coming to the winery we will have to re-route you. So please plan your ride accordlinally. 


5. We will have hand wash stations and sanitizer available for everyone use. 


Thank you very much for everyones cooperation during this time. I'm over COVID-19 and ready to get bk to normal.


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